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By registering for the  ELITE MLB LEAGUE (EML), you agree to follow the tenets of the EML Rulebook. The EML reserves the right to to modify this Rulebook in-season but will only do so in accordance with and with the assistance of the league members Voting 2/3 or more for a change. No refunds under any circumstances unless the league dissolves





Section One - EML Code of Conduct

Section Two - EML Player Rights

Section Three - EML League Settings o

Section Four - EML Gameplay Rules 

Section Five - General rules - Not In Game


Section One - Code of Conduct


1.1 - EML players agree to demonstrate respect and good sportsmanship towards all community members,, opponents, administrators and staff as well as abide by the EML Rulebook at all times.

1.2 - Failure to follow our standardized code of conduct policy may result in disciplinary action from the EML Admins.

1.3 - The following actions will not be tolerated:

  1. Harassment, trolling, abusive language, death threats, racism and/or religious or cultural prejudice

  2. Disruption of games

  3. Confirmed in-game exploits

  4. Abuse or impersonation of EML admins or its services

  5. Unsolicited Advertising of third-party products, services or leagues

  6. Spamming the news feed

The EML reserves the right to remove or otherwise ban any member believed to damage the image of the league or disrupt its services with no refund. As with all instances involving disciplinary action, the punishments and severity of the punishments will be decided on a case by case basis. Refer to Section 2.4 for more information regarding Banned Players.

1.4 -  Players are expected to attempt to resolve conflict on their own. That being said, if an EML member or player feels that their rights are being violated as per rule 1.3 they have the right to confidentially contact the EML Admins


1.5 - All players who register for the EML are required to use the ONE Xbox or PSN account they registered with. The EML does not allow multiple accounts, sharing or use of a members account for any reason whatsoever. Players caught with multiple accounts, sharing a username or password will be subject to severe punishment from the EML admins, including removal with no refund.

Section Two: EML Player Rights

2.1 There will be no refunds given under any circumstances beside the league disbanding by an in favor vote of 2/3  or more of the active members of the league. including 50% ore more of top 8 seeds at the time agreeing to disband.

2.1.2 if player has a warning or No warnings they can try and sell their team to another player. They are responsible for the sale. The can ask the admins for assistance, but that is not guaranteed.

2.1.3 If a player is removed for any violation outlined in this rulebook they lose their right to sell their team and  will not be refund. Their team will be resold. prize money will be added to the pot in the order outlined on the prize page

2.2.1 Every player has the right to an unparalleled experience with EML and any future platforms on EML.

2.2.2 In the event that a player has an issue with leagues settings or rules, please consult with the EML Admins

2.3 Any league issues for example (below), please send to your EML Admins .


Please send video or picture proof of any of the following:


2.3.1 Disconnects or lag outs


2.3.2 Players using exploitations This is subject to gameplay changes due to game updates

2.3.3 Any of the rules stated in Section One (1.1 - 1.5)

2.4 Please send any rule infractions to the EML Admins

2.5 In the event of expulsion from EML, players are able to appeal. Below are your ways to appeal:

2.5.1 Written letter to league admin OctoberNYY and the EML admins

2.6 A player may be reinstated based upon sufficient evidence found in sections 2.4.1 or 2.4.2, or waiting a minimum of one month to reapply.

2.7 All players will be notified about any changes made to the EML Rulebook. In the event of a disagreement, please contact the EML Admins.

Section Three: League Settings


3.1 League settings will be the following:

3.1.1 HOF Pitching and HOF Hitting (subject to final vote and slider testing)


3.1.2 9 (nine) inning game lengths (unless extra innings) 


3.1.3 8 (eight) playoff teams

3.1.4 DH is on for all teams

3.1.5 Guess Pitch is off

3.1.6 Balks is off

3.1.7 Quick counts is off

3.1.8 Umpire accuracy is perfect

3.1.9 Umpire close plays is off

3.2 The EML has the right to adjust sliders upon approval of ADMINS at any time.

3.2.1 Players will be notified of such changes. 

Section Four: Gameplay Rules

4.1 Updated Game D/C / Lag Out / Freeze Rule

Rule for if d/c applies to all games no matter when they d/c  

1. Team losing can forfeit game  

2. If no forfeit winning team can decide if they want to start where it dripped with the runs or a fresh game.  

3.  1st inning is used to set the score correctly if users don’t execute their options in #1 or #2. If score is 3-1 home team wining .. both teams are allowed to score runs in 1st so that both pitchers have the negative effect on their confidence  

4. Game continues from 2nd inning for the remaining innings of the game.  

Example: if it froze in top 7 then top inning 2 = top inning 7, continues with inning 3 = inning 8, and inning 4 = inning 9  

5. If sp stamina is bad user can start a bullpen arm or 6th starter (only scheduled sp is eligible from pen if this is done)  

6. D/c will be monitored by admins and continuous d/c intentional or not are grounds for removal (if you quit games or if your connection sucks that much this league is not for you)


4.2 Numerous DCs in a season will result in a review of your status within the league. Only one warning will be issued 

4.3 intentional dissconnects will result in removeal from league with no refund on second offense. 

4.4.1 Quitting is an automatic removal from EML Leagues and automatic ban.

4.4.2 hitting batters to freeze a game is considered a quit and will result in the same repercussions for quitting - removal from league via admin vote.

4.5 Max 3 bunt basehits per game - Sac bunts for outs do not count to this total

4.6 In the event a player exceeds their in game pause time, an additional two minutes must be allotted. 

4.6.1 If a player messages you explaining they need a few minutes for whatever reason, you must honor their request.  

4.6.2 If it is found that a player abuses this whether with good reason or not, will meet with EML admins discuss possible discipline.


Section Five: General Rules - Non In Game


5.1 MINIMUM 10-15 games per week. This means PLAY OVER 10 - Deadlines will be set around an average of 12 games rounding up to the nearest 5 or 10 games based on general activity averages in the league. Ex - week 5 could be 60-70 games due - average of 12-13 a week approx.

5.1.1 completion of less than half of required games on first offense will result in removal with no refund.


5.1.2 Completion more then half of games, but less then minimum will result in a warning for first time offenders


5.1.3 Missing two deadlines will result in removal without refund


5.1.4 If a player has personel circumstances they must notify the admins in order to get an exception. This courtesy will typically not be given more then one time in a season and the player is required to make up games missed over the next two weeks of play.


5.2.5 Vacation, illness, family events, etc are fine reasons to request an exception. Playing Madden or DD is not.

5.3 Playoffs will be a best of three series, each round,  that will have a 48 hour time window.


5.3.1 TO be eligible for the playoffs you must complete 50% of your scheduled games vs Playoff opponents

Example. 11 other playoff teams 5 possible games with each  = 55 games. you must have played 28 of them.  

5.3.1 8 (TWELVE) teams will make the playoffs each season. with the top 4 receiving a first round bye


5.3.2 4 (FOUR) rounds of playoffs will commence.


5.3.3 After the 5 days, the series will be simulated based on coin toss. Heads will represent the higher seed, tails will represent the lower seed. If one player is MIA without talking to admin then active player will advance

5.4 Players must play in the home stadium of their team. Choosing known time to decrease visibility is not allowed.

5.4.1 If a player has an issue with the batter's eye, they must state it before the first at-bat concludes. At which point the same pitcher and lineups must be submitted again, just played at a different time at said ballpark.

5.5 Trades require three approvals for all members in the league. Once three approvals are received the trade passes. This supersedes the former rule requiring 2 admins. if a trade gets more disapprovals than approvals but still has 3, it passes (Ex if there's 8 admins , 5 no and 3 yes passes). if a player plays with players before the trade is approved then the game will be reset if won. 

5.6 Pitching rotation must be used in order, openers are allowed. If used, ONLY the scheduled starter to start that game may be used out of the pen. All other pitchers are eligible to pitch besides the 4 pitchers not scheduled. Games won pitched out of rotation will be reset

5.6  Starters may be used in extra innings starting in top 12

5.7 Prize changes and rule changes are at the discretion of admin majority vote

6.0 Trade rules rule

6.1 All trades must pass the trade calculator 

6.2 Non-admin trades  need 3 approvals to pass


6.3 Admin trades  need two approvals to pass

Section Six: The Draft

6.1 we have a google sheets document that will have all the players.

6.2 Users can submit pre ranks to the admins in case they are unavailable for their pick and we will give them the top person on their list. Will also be determined based on prior picks - we won't leave someone with all pitcher or all catchers, etc

6.3 If no pre rank is submitted and user is not submitting a pick themselves or to the admins via this chat then the top rated player on the board will be chosen at the end of the maximum selection time. If a player has missed the previous round and has not responded to the group chat or to anyone, the following time limit will be 1/2 the time limit. time limits can be extended if there are pauses due to updating board or issues

6.3.1 It will go back and forth between hitter and pitcher if user misses more then one pick.

6.4 Applies to pre ranks (6.2) and non pre rank picks (6.3) If two players are rated the same then the player with lowest position number will be chosen (catcher 2, fb 3, cf 8, etc). if same pos and rating, player chosen by alphabetical order of last name. (a first z last).


6.4.1 if for example it’s a user that missed their picks turn to choose a position player.... they already have a catcher and a catcher, 1b and 2b are all the same rating then the 1b will be chosen... if they have a c, 1b, 2b then 3b will be chosen and


6.5 It’s best to be present and available for the draft. But we have a system in place to make it work. It won’t be perfect but we will do the best we can

6.6 if you miss the draft the admins will follow these rules as close as possible, but ultimately it is up to the admins who gets chosen. Long story short - Don't miss the draft.because we dont want to do your picks along with our own! 

Section 7: Auction

7.0 bids will be placed on this website and they will update the auction sheet on google sheets

7.1 if you bid you must pay the allotted amount if you bid over $50. Failure to do so is removal with no refund. p

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